Oreo's Latest Stunt Had Drones Dunking Over the East River

Brand Lowered Cookies Into Milk From 300 Feet

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Mar 06, 2017

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Oreo conducted another fun dunking stunt on its 105th birthday (March 6, which is also National Oreo Day) -- dunking cookies from drones into thousands of cups on a barge in New York City's East River.

Five drones designed to look like oversized Oreos flew up to 300 feet -- as high as the Statue of Liberty --against the Manhattan skyline to dunk Oreo cookies into thousands of cups filled with milk placed on the deck of a barge.

It's kind of a cheat -- how challenging can it be to miss thousands of glasses to milk? We're also wondering what became of all the unused moo juice. We also love how the resulting shareable video includes a line that says "Professional stunt; do not attempt." (We wouldn't even know where to start.)

It's the latest in a series of stunts from the brand that have included Shaquille O'Neal dunking an Oreo "with his mind." They tie into a social media campaign, inviting people to post their own dunking videos on Instagram or Twitter in order to enter a competition for a trip to L.A. or NYC.