McDonald's Asks Customers to Turn Its Tray Mats Into Origami

Those Who Followed the Instructions Got Free Food

Published On
Feb 19, 2016

Editor's Pick

Turning food packaging into origami isn't a new campaign idea. In 2013, there was Extra's touching ad about a dad making tiny cranes out of gum wrappers, and in 2007 a print campaign for Whiskas showcased origami animals shaped like its cat food ingredients -- fish, cows and chicken.

A new campaign from McDonald's Egypt and McCann Worldgroup's FP7 Cairo takes it to the next level, asking consumers to participate in their own origami projects -- and get free food in the process. The brand wanted to use its paper tray mats to highlight the quality of its ingredients. The trays featured five squares that could be folded to make a cow, chicken, lettuce, egg and potato. People who completed them were given a free product; for making a paper cow they got a beef burger, for example. The origami also hammered home the message, because the completed creation featured a factoid about the ingredients.