Watch Millennials Undergo Intense 'Actual Reality' Experiences in This Shower Gel Campaign

Go-Pros Show Participants Bungee Jumping, Swimming With Sharks and More for Original Source Brand

Published On
Oct 07, 2016

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Original Source is targeting millennials in a new global campaign that offers them the chance to enjoy "intense experiences."

The shower gel brand, owned by PZ Cussons, created a content campaign that features three young people donning a so-called "Actual Reality Helmet" and then taking part in a thrill-seeking experience. The visor on the helmet is only flipped open split seconds before they are thrown into the activity, be it bungee jumping (as seen here), crazy water slides, or swimming with sharks. The helmet is fitted with two Go Pros, one of which is a front facing camera so we get to see every aspect of their genuine reactions. Actors Hugo Chegwin and Allan Mustafa, who might be familiar to U.K. consumers from the BAFTA-nominated BBC mockumentary "People Just Do Nothing," narrate the action.

The films, by Iris Worldwide's London office, accompany an on-pack promotion giving consumers the chance to win similar experiences. The campaign kicked off in Germany and will run in markets including Asia, Australia and the U.K.

Shwan Hamidi, Iris deputy creative drector, said in a statement: "The custom built 'Actual Reality Helmet' felt right for our audience whilst being digitally savvy they're all about real life experiences. So we essentially blindfolded people, stuck a glorified selfie stick to the top of their heads and put them in very, very intense situations."