Oscar Mayer campaign has a city council debating all-beef franks

The spots are the latest from Johannes Leonardo

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Jun 29, 2023
Council of people talking about beef franks.

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In a continued push to keep its beef franks top of mind this summer, Oscar Mayer has convened a Council of Franks.

The fictional council members, aka The Franks, deliberate on the best way to eat Oscar Mayer’s 100% Beef Franks, including debating on if grilled or boiled is better, and hearing sizzling as a form of testimony from some hot dogs on a portable grill.

“The council was brought to life with the help of Brad Lubin, talented director, but also, and more importantly, a former local city council videographer—who ensured our council operated accurately and followed proper procedure in all of its 100% Beef Frank related activities,” said Nathan Frank (no pun intended), group creative director at Johannes Leonardo, the agency behind the campaign.

The spots will run across TVC, OTT, OLV. The brand also debuts a special playlist that consists of songs all sung by musicians with the name Frank.

“Oscar Mayer is always looking for ways it can help fans relieve themselves from the seriousness of life and our new ‘Council of Franks’ campaign does just that,” said Anne Field, head of North America brand communications for Oscar Mayer. 

The Council of Franks is a continuation of Oscar Mayer’s “Keep it Oscar” campaign, which most recently included temporarily rebranding the Wienermobile to the Frankmobile.


Jun 29, 2023
Client :
Oscar Mayer
Agency :
Johannes Leonardo
Co-Founder & Creative Chairman :
Jan Jacobs
Co-Founder & Creative Chairman :
Leo Premutico
Group Creative Director :
Nathan Frank
Group Creative Director :
Jeph Burton
Creative Director :
Kerry Keenan
Creative Director :
Zack Roif
Senior Art Director :
Jose Contreras
Senior Copywriter :
Samantha Geloso
Creative Lead :
Lannie Hartley
Creative Lead :
Andrew Chin
Creative Director Designer :
Fabian Grateroles
Chief Strategy Officer :
Steve Zaroff
Group Strategy Director :
Emily Garvey
Strategy Director :
Sameer Naseem
Communications Strategy Director :
Annie Yuan
Senior Communications Strategist :
Cameren Moncrieff
Strategist :
Andrew Grant
Emily Wilcox
Head of Account Management :
Connor Keeshan
Senior Account Director :
Jack Beck
Account Director :
Vlad Omazic
Account Supervisor :
Jonathan Skewes
Account Manager :
Shenea Walker
Head of Production :
Tasha Cronin
Group Executive Producer :
Brett Fisher
Producer :
Sydney Jow
Producer :
Bill Berg
Producer :
Rob Marmor
Senior Business Affairs Manager :
Krishna Shah
Business Affairs Director :
Alesa Blanchard-Nelson

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