Ahead of March for Our Lives, Sandy Hook Promise says there's another kind of kid to look out for

Disturbing film continues to warn about watching for telling gun violence signs

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Mar 22, 2018

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Ahead of the March for Our Lives, gun violence prevention organization Sandy Hook Promise reminds viewers that there's another kind of student to look out for in this quietly disturbing new ad from BBDO New York.

Unlike the organization's more sophisticated productions like "Evan" and "Tomorrow's News," the latest film focuses solely on a single young man, the camera zeroing in on his face as he sits quietly in his room and wonders.

"Most people think that a school shooting could never happen here, but those same people are the ones who saw all the signs and who never said anything--being bullied, the obsession with guns, even posting on Instagram," he muses. Could he himself have been a victim of gun violence?

Once the camera pulls out, you'll find out his real intentions.

The ad aims to drive people to speak up and act if they do see any warning signs of gun violence. It sends viewers to visit SaySomething.net and encourages schools to bring the no-cost Say Something Anonymous Reporting system to their campuses.

The film will run on national broadcast, cable, digital and social platforms.