This Japanese Ad for a Music School Will Make You Cry

Music School Tosando Shows The Power of Melody

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Apr 15, 2014

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This ad is entirely in Japanese, but even if you don't know a word of the language, it won't matter. Set at a beautiful wedding, the spot shows a father getting up to perform a beautiful melody for the happy couple. At first, both bride and groom are confused. But through flashback sequences, it's made clear that the melody is one that the bride's mother, now deceased, used to play on the piano. Her father, wanting to do something special on his daughter's big day, decided to learn the music. It's a beautiful way to show both the power of a song to evoke memories, and ties in nicely to the product -- a music school, Tosando.

Roughly translated, the dialogue of the spot is as follows:

Announcer: Everyone, the bride's father Yasuhiro Yamanaka, has a message for the couple.

Groom: Your father can play the piano?

Bride shakes head no.

Bride (Thinking): Stop it. Stop it. . . Why that song? . . .You suck. . . Play softer.

Bride cries into hankerchief.

Bride (Thinking): As if you can play. . .

Father messes up.

Bride (Thinking): Try hard! Keep trying! Keep trying, dad.

Tag: Music transcends words.


Apr 15, 2014
Brand :
Tosando Music
Client :
Tosando Music

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