Out-of-work mannequins

Published On
Jul 07, 2021



As COVID surged last Fall, all non-essential retail in Ontario was shut down, putting many Canadians out of work and small businesses at risk. Yet because large retailers offered some essential items, they were allowed to stay open and enjoyed record profits. The Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas wanted to draw attention to this unfair treatment of small businesses.


An installation of ‘out-of-work mannequins’ were “recruited”, each holding a provocative sign that appealed to the public to support local businesses and to the government to amend its unfair lockdown measures.


Jul 07, 2021
Agency :
Zulu Alpha Kilo
Client :
Creative Director :
Zak Mroueh
Art Director :
Jacob Gawrysiak
Writer :
George Ault
Account Team :
Rob Feightner
Planning Team :
Maxine Thomas
Client :
Albert Stortchak
Client :
Rob Sysak
PR Agency :
Jumpstart Communications
PR Team :
Tory Crowder
Producer :
Ola Stodulska
Photographer :
Shereen Mroueh
Mac Artist :
Michelle Kennedy

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