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Jan 09, 2013

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The Guardian and BBH London follow up on last year's blockbuster "Three Little Pigs" spot with another blockbuster -- of a different kind. Tim Godsall of Biscuit Filmworks directs "Own The Weekend," an amazing three-minute long film made up of every Jerry Bruckheimer/Hollywood preview trope possible, all to tell you just one thing: The company now owns the consecutive two days that were formerly known as The Weekend.

The film, which will be a major part of the Guardian's 2013 marketing strategy, is fronted by Hugh Grant, who wasn't paid for his participation in the campaign, possibly his way of supporting any news organization that isn't News Corp., considering his involvement in exposing that company's phone-hacking scandal in 2011. When asked about the details as to Grant's waived fee, a Guardian News and Media Spokesperson said, "That's a question for Hugh Grant, but he was happy to do this without payment as a fan of our newspapers."

The premise of the campaign is that the Saturday Guardian and The Observer do such amazing, varied journalistic work over the weekend, they basically "own it." And we don't just mean they own the mornings, when you nurse your hangover with a cup of coffee and some newsprint. No, they own all of it, from its weather, to the time you spend outside with your kids, to Sunday night's romantic dinner for two. It's a complete departure from "The Whole Picture," which marked the Guardian's first brand positioning in 25 years.

The film will run in its glorious three-minute form online, and will be shown via 60-second and 30-second cuts in cinemas and on VOD. There will also be OOH and print components.


Jan 10, 2013
Brand :
The Guardian
Client :
The Guardian
Agency :
Chief Marketing Officer :
David Pemsel
Creative :
Wesley Hawes
Creative :
Gary McCreadie
Creative Director :
David Kolbusz
Head of Film :
Davud Karbassioun
Producer :
Chris Watling
Producer Assistant :
Pia Ebrill
Production Company :
Biscuit Filmworks
Director :
Tim Godsall
Executive Producer :
Orlando Woods
Producer :
Kwok Yau
Director, Photography :
Daniel Bronks
Post Production :
The Mill
Sound Design :
Sam Brock
Sound Design :
Sound/Mix :
Sam Brock
Sound Mix :
Sam Robson
Music :

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