Foster's Has The Answer When Friends Bore You About Finance

'Paddle of Rebuke' Features In Latest Spot From Aussie Beer Brand

Published On
Mar 28, 2014

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When it comes to beer-related fun, everyone knows the Aussies have it sorted. So in Foster's latest UK spot, the Heineken-owned brand dishes out practical advice for a guy who's just trying to have a fun night out with his friends. Our hero, from Cardiff, puts in a call to a sun-drenched Aussie beach hut to ask for help because his mate is talking too much about the economy. This, apparently, constitutes a "Gentleman's Fun Crisis," calling for the "Paddle of Rebuke", or a code-word or sign that he's "being a drongo." The spot, the latest in the brand's "Good Call" campaign, is by adam&eve/DDB London, and directed by Hungry Man's Tim Bullock.