Paddy Power : Home Free Hotline App

Your bad date get-out clause.

Published On
Jan 06, 2012

Editor's Pick

You know that old dilemma (much beloved of sitcoms) when you're on a bad date and need a get-out clause? Paddy Power Bingo has come up with an app for it now. The Home Free Hotline app, available for Android devices, was developed by Redwind Software and allows you to receive a call back on your phone with an 'urgent message', just by pressing a button.

The idea for the app was devised by Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, who also created this ad, featuring up-and-coming comedienne Laura Checkley as the heroine, who is caught in the middle of the first date from hell. She suddenly gets a call from the app, allowing her to make her excuses and leave, so as to have more time to play with her friends and win on Paddy Power Bingo.