The Internet Is Having a Field Day With Time's Palmer Luckey Cover

It's Too Goofy to Resist

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Aug 07, 2015

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Admittedly, virtual reality is a hard thing to illustrate. The experience itself can't be replicated on a flat screen, and it's best conveyed when you actually don the (for now) bulky headsets it requires.

So you can imagine Time magazine's predicament when it decided to put Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey on its cover this week, promoting a story about how virtual reality is "about to change the world."

Ad Age, for example, used a baby in VR goggles to showcase our own cover story about the burgeoning tech. Time, however, decided to capture VR poster boy Mr. Luckey donning his headset and leaping like Peter Pan on a sandy shore. The cover line reads, "The Joy of Virtual Reality."

For a tech that is starting to mean serious business for brands, it's kind of a goofy image. No, it's just a goofy image period. So of course it's inspired jokesters from all over the internet to have a whole lot of fun. Engadget iterated on the idea with dinosaurs and tutus, asking readers to join in, Nvidia developer Sean Pelletier threw in some Titanic-style romance, another guy recast Luckey as an X-Men hero and much, much more.