Old Spice Stuck a Whole Smelly Blazer in the Pages of GQ

Because scent strips aren't enough

Published On
Mar 22, 2018

Editor's Pick

Perhaps the most annoying print advertisements are those perfume-scented strips that aggressively invade your nostril-sphere as you flip through a magazine. But Old Spice has said, "Screw that!" and has taken the smelly ad thing to a whole new level--in the form of a paper blazer.

In this month's issue of GQ, the P&G brand has inserted a disposable man jacket drenched in the scent of Old Spice's Captain scent. Just pull it out, unfold and wrap around your torso. As you walk the streets, you'll be able to attract attention not just with your distinctive garb, but your manly odor too. Not recommended for inclement weather.