The Parliament Buildings of Canada said yes to a giant cannabis gummy bear on the top of the peace tower to communicate “Keeping your cannabis high and locked.”

That is the message in the new campaign created by Mass Minority now that cannabis edibles are legal across Canada.

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Apr 20, 2020


A new campaign was requested by Parachute, a Canadian injury prevention resource group to communicate that cannabis edibles need to be out of reach and locked safely away from children.  Now that edibles are legal in Canada and could be misconceive as candy to a child, it is an imperative reminder that needed to be communicated. 

Launched during drug safety week the campaign includes a series of ads that run in outdoor and online across the country in images that clearly but hyperbolically communicate “keep your cannabis high and out of reach of children. In every instance the image includes, and cannabis gummy bear locked to the object that keeps it high and out of reach with the lead image being the peace tower at Canada’s Parliament Buildings. 

“We wanted the ads to be unbiased, straight to the point but attention worthily so the message breaks through and is remember. “Said Brett Channer, Founder and CCO of Mass Minority. 

gummy1  gummy2  gummy3  gummy4



Apr 20, 2020
Agency :
Mass Minority
Client :
Brett Channer
CD :
Gary Holme
Writer :
Andrew Pigott
AD :
Quincy Evans
Strategy :
Jack Perone

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