Google Pays Homage to Paul the Omniscient Octopus amidst World Cup Fever

The Psychic Sea Creature Is Immortalized (Kind of) as a Google Doodle

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Jun 17, 2014

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Google continues its series of World Cup themed doodles. Yesterday, the site displayed two bald eagles donning the American and Ghanaian flags respectively, as the two teams face off once again.

Today, a figure near and dear to many soccer fans' hearts makes an appearance. Paul the psychic Octopus did a disconcertingly good job predicting world cup wins in 2010. As a result, his name spiked up in searches last Thursday-- just in time for the tournament's kickoff. Over the last few hours Googlers have been treated to a tribute for the dearly departed cephalopod.

Here he is depicted wearing a halo, scratching his head as he ponders the outcome of the Belgium versus Algeria match. Both nations' flags are exposed on boxes and when the game is won -- these images are updated throughout the day as different countries are matched up -- then illustrated Paul hops into the winner's box.

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