Pedigree's sweet ads recognize how dogs have helped us through lockdown

Campaign from BBDO Mexico makes powerful statement with clever illustrations

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Mar 25, 2021

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We recently hit the year-long mark of life under lockdown, and to commemorate the moment, Pedigree Latin America and BBDO Mexico created this clever campaign that pays homage to those who have helped many of us endure such trying times—our dogs.


Simple, graphic yellow and white illustrations depict people who appear to be wearing masks, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that their pooches are what are actually covering their faces. It’s a sweet metaphor for how our beloved pets are, quite simply, our saviors. Copy reads, "A year together, a year taking care of each other."


The campaign ran on social media in Mexico, but Pedigree then extended it to Brazil and the Andean region and is also considering taking it to posters and out-of-home ads.

The Mars-owned pet food brand has created a number of memorable campaigns addressing the pandemic. In campaigns out of BBDO New York, it invited potential pet owners to interview dogs in Clubhouse and on Zoom