A Pencil Stars in Apple's New iPad Air Spot

New Ad Goes on Forever About Old School Writing Tool

Published On
Oct 23, 2013

Editor's Pick

For about 54 seconds of this 60-second ad, we see beautiful photography and hear a stately voiceover paying homage to -- what we believe to be -- that classic tool of artists, writers and composers -- the yellow pencil. The V.O. goes on about how this simple object can be a powerful tool that tranforms how we work and share, as the camera zooms in on the writing instrument sitting horizontally against various backdrops. That is, until a hand comes out of nowhere to reveal something sitting behind it -- Apple's new iPad Air.

Directed by Malcolm Venville out of Anonymous Content, the new commercial for Apple's latest evolution of its iPad tablet takes a cue from the brand's commercial for its laptop predecessor, which also used another basic office supply -- a manila envelope, to show off its slender figure.