Pepsi : Pepsi Challenge Emoji

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Mar 11, 2015

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Today, beverage giant Pepsi announced the resurrection of a classic campaign, The Pepsi Challenge, but it more closely resembles something a lot more recent, The Refresh Project.

The former, launched in 1975, was a taste test that asked soda drinkers to do a blind tasting of Pepsi and Coke to decide which they liked best. The latter was the 2010 social good campaign that helped fund grants to people seeking to make the world a better place. It generated plenty of press, first because it represented all of the soda brand's marketing investments for the year -- even replacing its Super Bowl appearance -- and then later for not connecting more closely to sales.

The 2015 Pepsi Challenge, created out of 180LA, represents its biggest "socially-led, content-driven" initiative to date, according to a statement from the brand. It asks consumers to partake in global and local challenges combining pop culture, sports, design, tech and social good. Celebrities such as Usher, James Rodriguez, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, and fashion director/editor Nichola Formichetti will lead the challenges rolling out through the year.

As part of the push, Pepsi has released a sizzle video as well as another Emoji and tech-themed film, created with Mssng Peces and directed by artist-rapper Yung Jake, known for his talent combining tech and art.

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