Lay's : Pepsi Cola Chicken

Drink and snack-in one!

Published On
Dec 12, 2012

Editor's Pick

We feel quite short-changed in the States because we're not party to the awesome foodstuffs you find in other countries, like Birthday Cake-flavored Oreos or Cheeseburger-crusted Pizza Hut pies. So you can imagine our disappointment when we heard about the latest snack debut in China: Pepsi Cola-chicken flavored Lays!

Creatively speaking, this spot leaves plenty to be desired, but our taste buds are dying to have a go at the product itself. Although it sounds like the ultimate in grody grossossity, it sure is creative, and it's actually part of Pepsi's "Power of One" program in China, geared at jointly promoting the brand's beverages and snacks. Read more about it here.