Wim Wenders Shares Secrets of Film-Making in New Stella Artois 'Perfectionists' Campaign

Series of Films Will Cover Events Sponsored by the Beer Brand

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Jun 05, 2014

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Director Wim Wenders (of "Paris, Texas" and "Buena Vista Social Club" fame) shares some fantastic tips on film-making in this film from Stella Artois. It's the first in a new social media campaign by Mother London themed around "perfection," following experts involved in events in the beer brand's sponsorship portfolio.

This spot, by Mother London, was filmed at the Cannes Film Festival, where Wenders shares such gems as such as "Don't shoot a Western if you don't like horses," and "Always keep your Cannes acceptance speech short," (something agencies might like to remember later this month). Further films to come will cover Wimbledon (focusing on Rufus the Hawk, the Harris Hawk that kills pigeons at Wimbledon, as well as Roman Zoltowski the long-time Wimbledon cup engraver) and the British Open golf championship (featuring The Sandman, who rakes the bunkers at the Royal Liverpool golf course). The campaign will be launched globally on all Stella's social media channels.