HelloFlo Unearths a Long Lost Mythical Creature: The Period Fairy

She Never Rose to the Ranks of Santa or the Easter Bunny

Published On
May 12, 2015

Editor's Pick

In its latest funny film, women's health product subscription service HelloFlo uncovers a mythical creature who apparently never rose to the ranks of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus -- the Period Fairy. According to one girl's investigation, during which she consulted with a historian and other mythical celebrities such as Cupid and the Tooth Fairy, long ago, there was indeed was a "vagical" sprite who helped young women celebrate their periods. She considered naming herself "Flo White" and "Lord of the Strings" but ultimately went for the more basic "Period Fairy." In any case, she was around for a while, but apparently, she cashed out after she sold a period-tracking app and then move to a place where no one had their periods -- Boca. The point the film makes is that girls don't need a fairy to celebrate their monthly visitor -- they can be their own heros.