Peugeot Reprises Explosive 1980s GTi Spot in 'The Legend Returns'

For 30th Anniversary Ad, Car Is Sportier but Sultry Beauty Still Awaits Bond-Like Hero After Chase Scene

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Sep 30, 2014

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Three decades have passed since Peugeot launched the GTi 205 with the groundbreaking "Bombardier" spot. To celebrate the car's 30th anniversary, the French automaker has created an even sportier version of the car -- the GTi 208 -- and an even more explosive version of the commercial to match.

Just like the 1984 original (made by Havas-owned HCM), the stunt-filled remake by BETC Paris and Havas Düsseldorf starts with a Peugeot GTi being dropped from a parachute into a snowy mountain range, then evading military air strikes as it races across a frozen lake.

In the 1984 version, the car braves a ski jump to escape a helicopter attack. In "The Legend Returns," the 208 negotiates an Olympic-style half-pipe before fleeing into the mountains.

The computer-generated imagery has been updated, but the ad's dated, macho culture remains firmly back in the 1980s. The James Bond-style hero driver finally arrives at a grand country manor and is greeted by a beautiful woman. In both spots, the woman reproaches him: "You made me wait." The original reply was "You can't be too careful on these snowy roads." In the 2014 version, he says "I know. About 30 years."

It's also an outstanding example of client loyalty: Peugeot has worked with Havas agencies for more than 30 years.

The film, which will be shown on TV and in cinemas as well as online, was directed by Paris-based directing duo The Andy's through production company Wizz.

Watch the original "Bombardier" here.