Philips : 20-Year Lightbulb

A bulb for life.

Published On
Apr 24, 2012

Editor's Pick

The Dept of Energy's L-Prize winning 20-year Light Bulb went on sale in the U.S. on Sunday. The bulb, developed by Philips, won the top prize at a DOE contest for developing alternative light sources last year.

Costing $60, the state of the art light bulb gives out natural looking light that will last you 20 years and is made out of some top-quality components. It also doesn't give out the toxic vapors when it breaks, like most other bulbs do. Philips, recognizing perhaps that nobody is willing to plonk down that much money for a bulb, is discounting it to $50 and is also in the process of working out some sort of deal with utilities suppliers to try and knock it down to $20 or $30. The competition, which gave Philips a $10 million development grant, had a stipulation that the bulb be sold for less than $22 the first year it's on the market.