Phillips' laxative campaign says 'you deserve a good poop'

Campaign from Energy BBDO doesn't shy away from what the product is really about

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Feb 17, 2021

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Laxative commercials don’t often talk directly about what the product is all about. Energy BBDO is taking an entirely different tack in its “You Deserve a Good Poop” campaign for Bayer’s Phillips' Laxatives and Probiotics.  

The new campaign launches with a 15-second and several 6-second ads running online, but a spokeswoman for Energy BBDO says the brand has been assured by CBS that you can indeed say “poop” on TV, so it may be showing up there later.

The 15-second spot, shown above, depicts a woman smiling and relaxing on the couch. "All is right in Sarah's world," a voiceover reads. "Thanks to the naturally-sourced magnesium in Phillips' laxatives, she's able to enjoy a gentle poop—in as little as 30 minutes."

“’You Deserve a Good Poop’ brings a new sense of honesty to the category,” said Teresa Gonzalez-Ruiz, VP-marketing for Nutritionals and Digestive Health at Bayer in a statement. “In particular, we are excited about how it subverts the taboo topics of poop and constipation, bringing viewers into situations that feel relatable and aspirational, to rid the shame associated with treating the issue.” 

“The campaign is an unexpected reminder of just how good a poop can be,” added Energy BBDO Co-Chief Creative Officers Josh Gross and Pedro Perez. “Go ahead. Have a good poop. You deserve it.” 


Feb 17, 2021
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Energy BBDO-Chicago

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