These 'Phonedoms' Protect You From Unsafe Sex Videos

Argentina's Tulipan Highlights the Dangers of Using Phones in the Bedroom

Published On
Nov 16, 2016

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In an era when sexting and privacy are in some ways just as dangerous for young people as unsafe sex, what is a condom brand to do? Argentinean condom maker Tulipan has an answer.

Together with agency BBDO Argentina, Tulipan developed the "Phonedom" -- a condom that can be fitted over your phone so that any video taken of what you're up to is blurred. To launch the product, Tulipan and BBDO Argentina developed video content for social media to engage people and show them how to use the phondoms. The brand also recycled condom vending machines of bars in Buenos Aires city to distribute them.

Whether or not people actually put a piece of rubber around their phones during intercourse, we're not sure -- but it's a fun way to highlight the issue of using phones in the bedroom.