Adobe Photoshops People in Real-Time

Retouch on your smartphone.

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Jun 09, 2013

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The bus stop becomes a lot more interesting in this Adobe Photoshop retouch stunt promoting their Creative Days events. As unsuspecting sat patiently, awaiting the bus, someone across the street in an unmarked van clicked photos of them. It's actually much less creepy than it sounds. The images were being retouched by "Photoshop Magician," Erik Johansson whose playful pictures were displayed on the side of the bus shelter in real time. Though initially perplexed, the hidden camera subjects featured in the video all ended up amused. And impressed.


Jun 10, 2013
Brand :
Adobe Photoshop
Client :
Adobe Photoshop
Assistant Art Director :
Oscar Sjoqvist
Project Manager :
Gisela Bovin
Production Manager :
Anna Fares
Account Manager :
Andreas Morne
Copywriter :
Dan Gransson
Assistant Art Director :
Oscar Sjqvist
Creative Director :
Emil Frid
Art Director :
Oskar Hellqvist

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