Apple iPad Mini : Piano

The perfect companion.

Published On
Oct 23, 2012

Editor's Pick

TBWA/Media Arts Lab shows off the adorable new "iPad Mini" a rendition of "Heart & Soul," opening with the regular-sized iPad being played as a piano, using two fingers. The tune is improved upon by the addition of the iPad Mini -- played with just one finger -- to make a more harmonious melody.

It's an interesting approach that is aimed straight at the heart, and not at the brain, with no mention of the new tablet's technical specifications or features. Instead, Apple and the agency chooses to focus on the only differentiator: the Mini's size -- 7.9 inches and weighing just 0.68 pounds.

But it also sounds like Apple is positioning the new device as a "side-dish" to the larger tablet, suggesting, at least in the ad, it's not a stand-alone product, but one that will work alongside the one device you already own.