Pinterest wants to help you buy what you really love

The social platform debuts campaign promoting e-commerce offerings designed to create a 'truly fun' shopping destination

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Oct 06, 2021

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Pinterest is no longer only for inspo boards and DIY hacks. It has long set its sites on becoming a shopping destination for its users, and in a new campaign is pushing how its platform can connect shoppers to goods they actually "love," putting an end to expectation vs. reality mishaps.

Created out of Stink, the campaign includes a hero spot that follows a couple on the hunt for a new couch to replace their drab, sagging one. A chic woman in a green power suit, wielding a Pinterest-branded megaphone, comes to the rescue. The woman, Pinterest personified, presents a “wood trim, soft, white” option, but the shopper wishes the couch looked more like a painting of a floral arrangement that hangs above the plain sofa. “Flower print!” the Pinterest character shouts into her megaphone. A team of workers scurry in with a busy, floral patterned couch. This is the one.

The spot debuted today alongside new tools to integrate brands and sellers more naturally into the site—and in turn for consumers, help to further bridge the gap between inspiration and purchase. Catalog integration through slideshows, increased visibility for merchant information and the ability to advertise through paid influencer partnerships boost the platform’s usability as a one-stop shop. According to Pinterest, the expansion of its marketplace offerings stems from internal insights that found users spend two times more money on Pinterest than other social media platforms.

Slideshow tool

Pinterest’s expanded features are visualized in its second, shorter spot. The same couple from the hero ad have their couch, but are now on the hunt for other items to compliment their lifestyles. In addition to the sofa, items like headphones and sneakers can be browsed on Pinterest. The platform’s price tag indicator pops up on many of the items the couple have populated their model home with. The tagline “find what you actually love” illustrates the brand’s push to unite #goals with results.

According to the brand statement, the new tools are the latest addition to its shopping ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between in-store and online, whether for advertisers, merchants, creators and consumers. Altogether, the goal is to make Pinterest not just a place to buy, but a platform that makes the act of shopping "truly fun again."