Pizza Bank

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Apr 10, 2024
Younger and older woman sitting and embracing in a bank office with expressions of relief


As part of Pizza Pizza’s “Everyone Deserves Pizza” platform, the original Fixed-Rate Pizza campaign let Canadians “lock in” to a pizza price that was guaranteed not to increase for a full year. Now, Pizza Pizza is celebrating a new year of Fixed-Rate Pizza by transforming itself into a fully-realized pizza bank, dedicated to helping Canadians get the best rates on pizza. We see pizza bankers shaking hands with clients, walking them through their toppings portfolio, and even an excited young couple withdrawing a slice from the APM (automated pizza machine).



Apr 10, 2024
Agency :
Zulu Alpha Kilo
Creative Chairman :
Zak Mroueh
Chief Creative Officer :
Brian Murray
Chief Creative Officer :
Jenny Glover
Creative Director/Art Director :
Michael Siegers
Creative Director/Writer :
Jonah Flynn
Copywriter :
Jackson Kemp
ACD/Art Director :
Ivan Mallqui
Account Team :
Alyssa Guttman
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Alex Berube
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Pizza Pizza
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Adrian Fuoco
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Amber Winters
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Adam Williamson
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Zoë Pagazani
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Ivy Yu
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Raymond Luk
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Heather Segal
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Cameron Fleming
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Jesse Brook
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Media Experts
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Faebri Michetti
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MacKenzie McNevin
Media Expert :
Lily Lazzara
Media Expert :
Justin Gagnon
Media Expert :
Maria Gomez
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Director :
Devon Ferguson
Director of Photography :
Grant Cooper
Executive Producer :
Geoff Cornish
Executive Producer :
Iseult McNamara
Executive Producer :
Hannah Gill
Line Producer :
Mike Masters
Food Stylist :
Nicole Young
Post-Production Company :
Zulubot Post Producer :
Lena Hamady
Editor :
Alain Elliott
Colourist :
Can Yuksel
Online Artist :
Felipe Chaparro
Online Artist :
Jeff Zablotny
Creighton Doane
Assistant Editor :
Adrian Gluvakovich

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