Samsung's mobile app helps autistic people in the working world

FCB Milan developed PizzAut app to help them with workplace inclusion

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Apr 18, 2018

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Samsung has a strong track record of harnessing technology for the greater good; examples have included using virtual reality to bring music to deaf people, developing emojis for people with neurological disorders and helping Alzheimers patients with an app that jogs their memory.

Its latest CSR innovation helps people with autism, who often have difficulties in the workplace, by making it easier for them to manage a pizza restaurant using a special app. Developed by FCB Milan for PizzAut, a nonprofit pizzeria in Milan that is staffed by autistic people, the mobile app was designed by a multidisciplinary team put together by Samsung, including engineers, UX designers, psychotherapists and language experts.

As well simplifiying the ordering process, it allows employees to handle orders autonomously, from the beginning to the payment. The app also communicates with the kitchen, sending orders directly.

As seen in this video, it's a great opportunity for people who are keen to work and enjoy pizza, but who might find difficulty in communicating in a traditional environment.

While the app was designed specifically for the Milan pizzeria, the aim of the project is to show how it could be used for a range of premises and businesses.