Tropicana : Place Your Fruit Here

Hydro-based spelling.

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May 08, 2012

Editor's Pick

The ever-wise Mother Nature decreed that every fruit has a different percentage of water. And Tropicana's new 'Twister' drinks are the same. Capitalizing on this, +Castro Innovation created a point-of-sale installation that has a software that recognizes different fruits and their water content.

A sensor recognized the size, volume and color of fruit, and then "Mother Nature" revealed how much water there was -- in one of two ways: Through Rain 2.0, a cascading water installation that hydro-spelled out the percentages, or through a charming AR display.

It seems like it's the week for water installations. McCann Erickson recently worked on an interactive water-themed project for Nestle's new spring water brand, Resource.