A Remote Peruvian Village Gets Light -- Thanks to This Innovative 'Plant Lamp'

Latest UTEC and FCB Mayo Project Harnesses Photosynthesis

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Nov 06, 2015

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Peru's Universidad de Ingeniería and Tecnología (UTEC) and its agency FCB Mayo rare known for using water to create environmentally-conscious marketing efforts -- including the Water Purifying Billboard, the Air Orchard and the Water Generating Billboard. Their latest collaboration does something a little different though -- it harnesses the power of photosynthesis.

The Plant Lamp project sees them create the "Plant Lamp" system, which converts nutrients from plants into energy that is stored in a conventional battery. This energy storage allows the lamp to shine without another energy source for up to two hours a day. As seen in this video, UTEC and FCB Mayo brought 10 lamps to Nuevo Saposoa, a region of Peru that has little to no access to electricity.


Nov 06, 2015
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FCB Mayo-Peru
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