These Sanitary Pad-Shaped Bandages Are Designed to Remove the Stigma Around Periods

Charity Plan International Wants to Combat Young Girls' Embarrassment Over Menstruation

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Oct 10, 2017

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With the move towards female empowerment, increasing number of brands and are organizations are aiming to remove some of the stigma around menstruation.

Recently we've seen efforts from the likes of pressure group Period Equity making the point that sanitary products are not a luxury, while an ad last year from Bodyform was the first by a sanitary brand to show real blood (albeit not of the menstrual kind.)

The same U.K. agency behind the Bodyform ad, AMV BBDO, is also behind a new effort from the charity Plan International, launching today to mark the International Day of the Girl. "Plaster Pads" are miniature sanitary pads that are worn like band-aids on the skin and carry slogans like "#weallbleed" and "blood-schmud." They're being sent to celebrities and influencers to highlight the fact that there's nothing shameful about having your period. People are also being encouraged to post about the campaign with the #weallbleed hashtag.

The campaign is based on research conducted in the U.K. by Opinium that reveals 71% of girls have felt embarrassed buying sanitary products, and a further 67% would feel embarrassed if they found period blood on their clothes.

Tanya Barron, Plan International U.K.'s CEO, says in a statement: "Girls are telling us that they are embarrassed, confused and ashamed about periods, a completely natural biological process which happens to half the global population. As a society we obsessively euphemise, belittle and silence menstruation; we need to address the impact this is having on girls. "