David Shane Directs Hilarious Short About Adult Playground Politics

'Playdate' premiered at Tribeca

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Apr 04, 2013

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Anybody who has ever faced up to the fact there are will always, always be people out there cooler than you will empathize with this hilarious, true-life short directed David Shane, who co-wrote the film with Scott Organ. It was produced out of B Negative, the film projects arm of O Positive. The short features an awkward couple who goes over to another pair's house for dinner, to find that other, guests are also in the mix.  

The short premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, and also showed a the Flux Screening Series in Los Angeles. The performers in the film are all commercial actors, including Organ, a playwright who has appeared in spots for Toyota, Sprint and others. You might recognize the lead actress from Y&R's Land Rover "Pathological Liar" spot.  Mr. Shane is a speaker at the AICP's Directors Lecture Series today.