PlayStation Vue Shows You How to Escape Evil Cable in a Thrilling Dystopian Manhunt

Park Pictures Lance Acord Directs Campaign for Vue

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Mar 15, 2016

Editor's Pick

A new campaign for PlayStation Vue, Sony's internet TV service, has great fun with the idea of escaping from cable companies' evil grip with a Hollywood-style action thriller set in a dystopian suburbia.

The ad, by Venables Bell & Partners, shows our hero daring to break free from the cable company's contract as sinister "Coaxial Grip"-branded vans roam a bleak-looking treeless neighborhood blaring "you must comply" and "all contracts are binding" from a loudspeaker.

The cable minions are soon on to HQ and launch a manhunt. But our hero is helped into a manhole by a fellow fugitive, who introduces him to a brightly-hued world as she hands him a PlayStation console.

The spots is the first of two for PlayStation Vue to be helmed by in-demand director Lance Acord of Park Pictures. Acord's recent work also included another spot featuring a tongue-in-cheek getaway -- Toyota's Super Bowl campaign for the Prius, The Longest Chase.