World's 'Worst Hotel' Really Wants You to Like It on Facebook (Even If You Hate It)

Hans Brinker Has Done Nothing to Win Your Affection -- Unless You Count Its Wry Marketing

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Sep 19, 2014

Editor's Pick

Amsterdam's Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has made its name through marketing that carries the general message that it's terrible. The brand's campaigns, through KesselsKramer, have trumpeted its spartan accommodations and overflowing bathrooms as well as its complete disregard for guests.

Now, Hans Brinker wants you to like it on Facebook -- and is telling you so in its inimitable style. A series of videos show hotel employees, as well as a sleep-deprived guest, getting social-media "like" alerts while doing nothing at all to deserve it. (The other videos can be seen on the brand's Facebook page.) There's also a series of posters with captions such as "Please like us if you have any complaints."