Tear-jerker alert! This ambiguous Dutch holiday ad may make you cry

Plus Supermarket and JWT Amsterdam focus on family traditions, with a poignant twist

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Dec 07, 2018

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For weepie holiday ads this year, just head to Europe. After Elkjop's epic about a young girl and her aged relative comes another tear-jerker, this time from the Netherlands, where Plus Supermarket and JWT Amsterdam bring us the poignant story of a girl and her mother cooking Christmas dinner. 

The spot plays out with a delicate ambiguity that keeps you guessing all the way through. It starts off with a family visiting a graveyard, which should be a clue, but then it moves on to a seemingly heartwarming tale about a daughter turning up at her mother's house and the pair preparing the festive meal together, the daughter leafing through her mom's battered recipe book. There are some more odd details though, such as the mom and daughter wearing the same aprons and doing exactly the same preparations together, but if you haven't worked it out by the end, you're in for a heartbreaking moment. 

The ad is set to a cover version of "She's the One" by Robbie Williams (also chosen for the Boots Christmas ad in the U.K. this year) by British artist Frances, produced by Amp Amsterdam. It was directed by Ismael ten Heuvel at Pink Rabbit. 

Bas Korsten, creative partner at J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam, says: “All families have their tales and their traditions. And Christmas is an especially poignant time of the year to explore these stories. In this particular case, the hero of our narrative for Plus Supermarkets is that old recipe book--connecting the generations and ensuring that the family recipes will never get lost or forgotten.”