Lie Down! You Don't Even Have to Leave Your Couch to Go to This Movie Theater

Pocket Cinema Delivers Big Screen Thrills in Tiny Package

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Mar 30, 2016

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To promote the high-end technology of Huawei's Mediapad M2, the brand, along with Buzzman Paris, invited consumers to enjoy a cinema-quality experience -- by sticking their heads in a box.

Huawei's "Pocket Cinema" made participants a truly captive audience to the M2, which served as a mini movie screen delivering theater-style audio in the very close quarters.

The tiny venues were even decked out with other seats, exit and bathroom signs. Viewers also got mini tubs of popcorn -- just the right size to last them through the movie trailers featured on screen.

The idea was meant to showcase the sound quality of the M2, which puports to rival that of the movies with four Harmon/Kardon speakers and implements Clari-Fi audio restoration technology.