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Directional sign from Breakfast NY updates using web content

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Jun 06, 2013

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Points , the latest innovation from Brooklyn-based interactive agency Breakfast (whose past projects include Instaprint Photo Booth and Verbalizer), is a new take on the traditional directional signpost. It uses Wi-Fi to update itself constantly using content from the web, pulling content from social media (such as Foursquare and Twitter), local transportation APIs, RSS feeds and other sources. The signals change direction accordingly.

Passers by can choose their content from an eye level menu which displays different categories. For example, the top button might point you towards local coffee shops, which switches to lunch spots around noon, and then eventually bars as happy hour approaches. Another button might serve up nearby events that are trending on Twitter, or sport scores, or weather.

Breakfast says that Points could be used for events (such as concerts, conferences and festivals), at theme parks and sports arenas or in city locations allowing users to find out what's going on around them. The system will be ready for hire starting on July 1.


Jun 06, 2013
Breakfast-New York

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