Poking Machine : Poking Machine

Feel the poke.

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Mar 22, 2012

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Two Dutch students continue the trend of bringing Facebook into the real world, with the 'poking machine.' The machine has a little lever and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. When someone pokes you on Facebook, the little lever actually pokes you.

The websitefor the project says: The Poking machine converts the message into an actual physical poke, extending the reach of this haptic gesture indefinitely. This way users can connect not only virtually but also physically.

The trend is fascinating. We've had printersthat print tweets and messages, and a little devicethat converts online notifications into smells. But it's circuitous, because after Facebook and other networks have successfullly taken our whole lives online, these projects try to inject some dose of 'real' back in. But why not just go up to your friend and poke them yourself?


Mar 22, 2012
Poking Machine
Poking Machine
Jasper van Loenen
Bartholomus Traubeck

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