Volkswagen : Polo Principle 3D Printer

Make your own baby Polo.

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Apr 03, 2012

Editor's Pick

In its new Volkswagen campaign, "The Polo Principle," DDB Copenhagen democratizes the technology of 3D printing to make the point that VW brings the best innovations to all its customers, not just those buying higher end vehicles.

An anthem spot explains the brand's mission statement, but the more interesting part of the campaign lives online. There, visitors are invited to design their own Polo, and the 40 most creative submissions will be created on the 3D printer VW uses to make its own prototypes. The designs will be exhibited in Copenhagen in May, after which the creators will receive their baby Polos. One winner from the 40 designs will be selected and turned into a real Polo, which they'll get to drive for two months this summer.