A Postcard Hints at a Possibly Sordid Tale in Latest From Las Vegas Visitors Convention Authority

14 Years in, Campaign Keeps on Giving

Published On
Aug 29, 2016

Editor's Pick

The Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority's now famous tag "What happens here, stays here," is the gift that keeps on giving, and continues to inspire funny ads such as the latest from R&R partners. The spot takes place away from the city's bright lights and in a couple's home, where a woman confronts her husband about a postcard she received from Las Vegas.

To her hubby's (mild) surprise, it's from him, sent from the city of sin, and in it, he wrote that he ended up there after a work trip got canceled -- and his phone died.

Not a lot happens, but the pair's performance -- his nonchalant lack of guilt, her resigned annoyance -- make for a hilarious scene.