A Postman Dreams of Prada in Autumn De Wilde's Artsy Films for the Galleria Bag

Vibrant Colors and Old School Comedy Promote the Iconic Tote

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Apr 09, 2015

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Anonymous Content director Autumn De Wilde imagines a colorful, surreal world for Prada in a series of short films promoting the fashion house's Galleria bag. In an interview with Style.com, Ms. De Wilde said Prada had invited her to imagine a series of short films featuring the iconic bag, and ultimately, she conceived three fanciful, vibrant tales that illustrate a sense of joy around the luxury item.

One film brings Chaplin-esque comedy to a bored postman, whose naptime muse is the Galleria bag. Another, shows a couple playfully canoodling, with the Prada tote in tow and a third captures the bag as a key player in a boy's battlefield fantasies.