The Salvation Army Reveals the Dark Side to Holiday Cards in 360 Degree Videos

Charity Reveals Hidden Poverty Using New Facebook Feature

Published On
Nov 23, 2016

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The Salvation Army is using Facebook's new 360 video feature to highlight hidden poverty during the holidays, in a campaign by Grey Canada.

Social media ads use the 360 videos to show seemingly happy families posing for their holiday card photos. It's not until the user pans to the rest of the image, via the 360 degree functionality, that the reality of these families is revealed; mouldy walls, bare bulbs and dirty carpets. It's not overtly "shocking" but more of a subtle reveal, and that's the part that's bound to make the viewer uncomfortable.

The campaign also includes print ads and a TV ad on the same theme, in which a worried-looking mom scans her pile of bills before posing on the sofa with her two children for a photo by the Christmas tree.