Americans are Forced to Think About Energy Sources in Thought-Provoking Film

Hidden Cameras Capture People Charging Devices at an Airport in Ad for NRG

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Jul 30, 2015

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Recent news stories (such as the guy who leapt up on a Broadway stage to try to charge his phone) have highlighted how obsessed we all are with charging our devices, but how many people ever think about where their power comes from?

This film, from green energy firm NRG, forces some American airport customers to have that thought. It was shot at one of the busiest airports in the U.S., capturing the footage from a charging station with a hidden camera network. As they went to charge their devices, words appeared on the wall above the power supply: "Wind," "Solar" and "Fossil Fuels." They make their choices accordingly, but the film is intended to remind us all that charging actually comes from somewhere. It was created by Droga5, which announced NRG as a client earlier this month.


Jul 30, 2015
Brand :
Client :
Chairperson :
David Droga
Chief Creative Officer :
Ted Royer
Executive Creative Director :
Neil Heymann
Creative Director :
Rick Dodds
Creative Director :
Steve Howell
Copywriter :
German Rivera Hudders
Art Director :
J.J Kraft
Chief Creative Officer :
Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production :
Ben Davies
Executive Broadcast Producer :
Matt Nowak
Head of Integrated Business Affairs :
Dianne Richter
Global Chief Strategy Officer :
Jonny Bauer
Senior Integrated Production Business Manager :
Matt Friday
Head of Strategy :
Chet Gulland
Group Director, Strategy :
Harry Roman
Director, Strategy :
Dan Wilkos
Senior Commuications Strategist :
Elsa Stahura
Communications Strategist :
Parks Middleton
Social Strategy Director :
Tom Hyde
Senior Social Strategist :
Calvin Stowell
Group Account Director :
Matt Ahumada
Account Director :
Kristoffer Aldorsson
Account Manager :
Michelle Villarreal
Project Manager :
Connor Hall
Designer :
April Pascua
Production Company :
Director :
Kosai Sekine
Director, Photography :
Dimitri Karakatsanis
Director, Photography :
Michael Svitak
Executive Producer :
James Cunningham
Producer :
Scott Pourroy
Editor :
Charlie Johnston
Producer :
Taylor Colbert
Head of Production/Executive Producer :
Sean Costelleo
Producer :
Mandy Harris
Colorist :
Michael Rossiter
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Jade Kim
2D Lead Artist :
David Forcada
A Place Called New York :
Hiroko Sebu
Sound Director :
Jodi Levine
Sound Design :
Tim Barnes
Agency :
Droga5-New York
Executive Producer :
Krystn Wagenberg
Editorial :
Lost Planet NY
Assistant Editor :
Epy Carrieri
Assistant Editor :
Steven San Miguel

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