A Used Car Dealer Did Something Pretty Spectacular

Kagulu Sends Out Price-Scanning Truck to Show Drivers Their Vehicle's Value

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Aug 18, 2015

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Used car dealers aren't typically known as innovators in the world of automotive advertising, but Kagulu, a newly launched company in Taiwan, recently elevated the game with this impressive outdoor digital stunt.

The brand wants to be known for its transparent and quick auto price evaluations, so Brandsugar, a creative agency in Taiwan, tapped Party NY to create a roving "price scanner" that told drivers, on the spot, how much their car was worth.

Party outfitted a truck with sensors, cameras and a screen that could scan automobiles and provide their current sales value within seconds as it drove through the streets of Taipei.

The idea is similar to one Almap BBDO had previously done, in which cars bearing RFID tags got an automatic valuation as they passed a parking lot billboard, letting the drivers know how much they'd get for their car should they decide to purchase a new Audi.


Aug 18, 2015

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