Oreo : Pride Cookie -- Best of 2012 PD #3

Oreo celebrates Pride Week.

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Jun 25, 2012
Pride Cookie -- Best of 2012 PD #3

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Oreo and DraftFCB NY celebrated Pride Week with this colorful rainbow cookie posted on the Kraft brand's Facebook page over the weekend. The cookie, which has creme of different colors instead of its standard white, is an addition to the brand's 100-year anniversary celebration print campaign, "The History Print," which reflected events using Oreo cookies and sometimes, a glass of milk.

The picture caused some division among its Facebook fans. While most people lauded Oreo for displaying its pro-gay stance so proudly, others were less happy, with some commenting that the picture now makes them "hate" the cookie.

This print, however, was just the kickoff to a delightful 100-day campaign, the Daily Twist, where the black-and-white cookie was used mark major world events. It lands at No. 3 in the print and design category in our Best of 2012 countdown. You can see all of the designs here.