Coke Lets You Print Miniature 3D Versions of Yourself -- As Long As You Prove You Can Keep it Happy

Gefen Team in Israel Launches Campaign to Promote 'Mini Bottles'

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Aug 21, 2013

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Want a 3D-printed mini you? You've got a choice of which brand could help you with that. First, Japanese retailer Muji and airline ANA created a travel contest that 3D-scanned families into little versions of themselves, which would be reunited with them in exotic locales. Now, Coke in Israel offers you another shot. Working with agency Gefem Team in Tel Aviv, the brand launched its mini bottles by creating 3D printed mini figurines of its customers, using a printing lab inside the beverage company's factory in Israel.

But you had to work to get there. First, users created the minis using a mobile app, and had to keep them happy, a la Tamagotchi, by feeding it and taking care of its needs. There was even a virtual supermarket within the app that you could visit to buy your groceries for your mini self. Those who participated were then invited to the lab to receive the mini version of themselves.