CoverGirl Is Encouraging Women to Apply Makeup in Public

First Work From Droga5 Addresses a Divisive Issue

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Jun 05, 2017

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Whether or not to apply makeup in public is something of a divisive issue. Some people -- female as well as male -- are very judgmental about it, and in New York, there are even subway signs discouraging commuters from putting on their makeup on the train. Yet for many busy women, it's a necessity.

CoverGirl embraces the issue in its first work via Droga5 -- it's encouraging women to defy disapproval and make "Public Displays of Application" or PDAs. The Coty brand conducted a study through Ipsos in which, among other findings, 75% of women noted that they wear makeup for themselves and not for anyone else.

As a result, it sent women onto the subway and to special vanity stations set up outdoors in New York City, asked them to publicly apply their makeup. It then interviewed them about what this act meant, and the result is a film, seen here, launching on social media. It ends by encouraging viewers to share their on #PDAs on social media.


Jun 05, 2017
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