Samsung : Project Space Planes

Samsung enters the stratosphere to prove the durability of its SD cards.

Published On
Sep 26, 2010

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Although perhaps not as daring as this, Samsung and The Viral Factory have teamed up on their own outer space stunt to showcase the durability of the brand's SD memory cards. In mid-October, from an undisclosed location in Cambridgeshire, the agency will be attaching 100 of the cards to paper airplanes that will be sent 30,000 meters up into the stratosphere via hot air balloon, before being shot back down to the earth.

Until then, visitors are invited to go to the Project Planes website and upload pictures and video messages to be loaded onto the cards before they make their trip. The planes will also include information for the finders, who will then be able to re-upload the data from the cards back to the site to prove the SD cards endured the trip.