'Alien' Fans Have Something to Chew On With This Prologue to Ridley Scott's 'Covenant'

3AM and Luke Scott Set the Stage for Ridley Scott's New Sci-Fi Saga in 'Alien Last Supper'

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Feb 23, 2017

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"Alien" fans now have something to chew on on before Ridley Scott's latest addition to the saga, "Alien: Covenant" hits theaters in May. 20th Century Fox just released, "Alien Last Supper," a short film setting the stage and introducing the cast of the movie.

The film was first teased in a Facebook photo and cut-down spot that aired last night during FX's "Legion." The story, completely separate from the film itself, introduces us to the cast, including Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, James Franco and Danny McBride, as well as Michael Fassbender, who plays the role of AI Walter, who bears a striking resemblance to his David character from 2012's "Prometheus."

The short was written by the team at agency 3AM, in collaboration with the filmmakers and RSA's Luke Scott, who directed the short and also happens to be Ridley's son. 3AM is the company behind the award-winning "The Martian Prologue" campaign for Mr. Scott's "The Martian."

According the 3AM Managing Partner Alison Temple, the point of the film was to give the 15 members of the cast a proper introduction -- "something that just can't be done in a two-minute trailer," she said.

"Additionally, we talked a lot with Ridley and Fox about recapturing the essence of this franchise," said 3AM Creative Director Chris Eyerman. "It's about real people reaching out into unknown of space and trying to survive strange and terrifying circumstances. So, in advance of a theater experience, how can we connect with these characters and build a relationship with them? How can we see them as relatable people before all of the terrifying stuff goes down?"

The 3AM team had the luxury of producing the short in tandem with the film's production, using the same sets and working alongside the film crew. "Once we're playing in that sandbox, it needs to look, sound, and function like Ridley's world," said Eyerman.

One moment in the film might be familiar to "Alien" fans -- a group dinner scene. The set-up has all the makings of the classic "chestburster" moment of the 1979 original -- but you'll have to watch to find out how this one turns out.

"We're all big 'Alien' fans," said Mr. Eyerman. "It's clearly an homage to the original. We wanted to throw in a few subversive callbacks as a fun way to let audiences know that this film is a return to franchise roots, but it's also a new journey. Don't make any assumptions about where this story is going to go."